About Us

Our company was founded in 2000 with a small staff. From its inception, keeping open to new developments in their field of service made a name as an organization works.

Shelf industry can carry out all stages of its own and in doing so flexible and advantageous in the case of both the timing and the costs are engaged in manufacturing to sales to the public.

Expert staff, customer satisfaction, from design stage to production, manufacturing, installation circles until the complete execution of all aims.

The design and implementation across Turkey store our pride.

Magic method to increase sales: arrangements for a museum.

It should be noted, found the cost of goods sold, invisible and unseen.

The difference of the product will be important to all kinds of events.

Our goal, here is your solution partner show their Based on the best products.

Factory : Taşkısığı Mah. Taşkısığı Sk. No. 99/1 Adapazarı/Sakarya
WhatsApp: 0505- 075 32 41 | Store: 0264 274 58 85 | Factory: 0264 279 32 41 | Fax: 0264 274 58 86 | Mail: info@fenizmetal.com.tr